Mixed Links: Good Stuff for Nonprofit Marketers

I’m heading out tomorrow for a week at the beach, but here are some great mixed links for you before I go. And actually, I’ll have a post or two queued up to publish while I’m out (I love that about WordPress) — including one on where to put your keywords so both people and search engines will find them in your web pages. Stay tuned for that one.

On to some favorite links of late:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported on a new study about volunteerism. It says 26% of Americans volunteer and here’s one finding you might find counter-intuitive: Women with children and women who work have higher volunteer rates than other women. Hey, we’re already so friggin’ busy, why not throw some volunteering into the mix too! I know I’m volunteering more now, at a time in my life when I’m busier than ever. What’s up with that?

Marc Pitman shared this New York Times Magazine article on Facebook: What Makes People Give? (See, you can get useful info from social networking sites, even though I am still disgruntled about the Scrabulous debacle. Just installed Scrabulous reborn as Wordscraper. We’ll see . . .) The article looks at the work of economists and social scientists in trying to figure out why and how people respond to various types of charitable solicitations. Very interesting reading, and again, some counter-intuitive results. No one said this stuff was easy!

My friend and tagline diva extraordinaire, Nancy Schwartz, has a nice summary of a recent report called the State of Nonprofit Marketing. Since Nancy summarized it so nicely for you, I won’t bother.

Rebecca Ruby at Network for Good/Fundraising 1-2-3 has a new article called Determine Your Organization’s Onliness — the thing that only you are known for. Read it if you aren’t sure how to make your organization stand out from all the others around you.

If you don’t read Fundraising Success, you should. But if you don’t, you may have missed the interview Katya Andresen did with me on nonprofit storytelling. Katya reprinted it on her blog.

NTEN’s Blog posted an article by Jonathon Coleman at The Nature Conservancy on how to use social news sites like Digg and StumbleUpon to generate huge spikes in traffic to your website.

That’s it for now!

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