Nonprofit Blog Carnival, Other Cool Links for You, and a Question

I need your advice on a question about this blog, which I’ve posted at the end, but first the good stuff . . .

Heather Carpenter at Nonprofit Leadership 601 has posted the current edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival on nonprofit leadership issues. Check it out for posts on how nonprofit organizations are dealing with change, turning around their organizations, and more. The next edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival will be hosted by A Small Change. If you are interested in having your blog posts included in the Carnival, join our contributors’ email list for reminders about deadlines, etc.

Here are some other links I recently found interesting, insightful or otherwise helpful. I think you’ll enjoy them too . . .

I Gave Your Organization $500 and All I Got Was This . . . (Sea Change Strategies)

Don’t Be Afraid to Tell It Like It Is (Big Duck)

First Step in Strategic Communications Planning: Communications Audit (IMPACTMAX)

Thought Leadership on the Social Web: Six Traits that Draw People to Your Ideas (Public Relations Society of America)

Six Online Fundraising Campaigns That Work (video from the Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Social Media Experts Don’t Understand Social Media (TippingPoint Labs)

You Probably Make These Email Deliverability Mistakes (Chief Marketer)

The Role of Email in Your Communications Mix (Idealware)

Making It Easier for Donors to Give Monthly (Chronicle of Philanthropy Chat Transcript)

And now this question I’m wrestling with. I receive many requests from various people, companies, and nonprofits to pass on information to you on this blog. I ignore most of them because they aren’t related in any way to nonprofit communications programs. But sometimes I get requests that do have a marketing angle. Here are two examples.

The CTK Foundation Philanthropic Fund is running a project called the Heart and Soul Grant Award Program. Nonprofits submit a 4-8 line poem that represents the “heart and soul” of their mission.  The winner will get $10,000 and have their poem put to song by Los Lonely Boys. GreatNonprofits is running Youth Thrive Awards. Youth-focused nonprofits with the most positive reviews in their category will be announced as winners and receive media coverage and promotion on GuideStar.

Do you want to hear about these types of contests and similar opportunities from me? I’ve leaned against posting most of them, but what matters most is what YOU want. Leave a comment on the blog and let me know if you want me to pass this kind of stuff on to you or not.

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  • Andrea

    Thanks for asking! I’d say keep your focus and leave out the extra requests – unless you are absolutely thrilled about one.

  • I’d prefer that you “tweet” the requests rather than adding them to your blog. So … please continue your “leaned against” policy, Kivi. Thanks!

  • Great suggestion to use Twitter instead, Todd. Thanks to you and Andrea for weighing in (and confirming what I hoped the answer would be!)

  • Thanks so much for including us in your links! Glad to see really progressive Non Profit marketing concepts here!
    I’ll be sending your blog to a couple of friends involved in Non Profits in my area!
    Great work. Keep it up!