Mixed Links on Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising

Welcome to this week’s edition of Mixed Links!

Social Media

While many nonprofit professionals use LinkedIn for their personal use, not many organizations are using yet. But that may be changing. Joanne Fritz asks, “Are Nonprofits Warming Up to LinkedIn?” and highlights a few nonprofits who have jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon.

NTEN, Common Knowledge and Blackbaud invite you to take part in a nonprofit survey about how nonprofits are using online social networks. Take the survey and enter your name for a chance to win an Apple iPad. It will only take about 10 minutes.

Social Media + Fundraising

Allison Fine talks with Katya Andresen of Network for Good and Lena Shaw of the University of California at San Francisco about using social media for fundraising over at The Chronicle of Philanthropy. This 16-minute interview discusses how charities successfully used social media as part of their year-end fundraising appeals.

Is social fundraising the wave of the future? Allyson Kapin think nonprofits need to set reasonable expectations when dealing with social fundraising. She raises some good points in her post on Frogloop, Social Fundraising: Innovative or Bad Buzz?

More on Fundraising . . .

I’ll be presenting a webinar at CharityHowTo.com this month, “Essential Tactics for Better Email Fundraising & Communications.” In this 90-minute webinar presented this Monday, February 7th , and again on February 28th, I will cover how the right e-newsletters can inspire your donors to give more money and time to your good cause. Use the coupon code KIVI for a nice discount.

The Agitator sums up a new donor survey on Millennial Donors. The main take away seems to be “get personal” with your donors in their twenties and early thirties. And if you want to know how Boomers think, Future Fundraising Now has posted How Older Donors (That Is, Donors) Think.

M + R Research Labs released their Results from the 2010 End of Year Giving Season and it has some good news. 77% of their clients raised more money this year.

More Good Stuff

Lori Jacobwith offers some good advice inspired by Bono with 7 questions to ask to keep things fresh and exciting. #1 is “Do we thank donors in ways that are meaningful to THEM?”

The always brilliant Alia McKee over at Sea Change Strategies offers some insight into the “din of information overload” in her recent post, Are You a Symphony or Merely Part of the Cacophony?

The Nonprofit Blog Carnival is passing through . . .  Gabi Fitz of IssueLab’s Footnotes has posted January’s submissions on the topic Openness in the Third Sector. With posts from the likes of Katya Andresen, Charlene Li, Pamela Grow, and Maureen Caruthers, it’s worth checking out. Also, submissions for February’s Carnival are now being accepted by Sandra Sims at Mission Connected. This month’s topic is Nonprofit Jobs and will share stories of what it’s like to work in the nonprofit sector.

The Nonprofit Communicator Blog gives you Seven Tips to Pitch Your Story by Phone that will help you get reporters to take notice of your good cause.

Head over to Network for Good and check out the recording of their last webinar, “Uncharitable?” This webinar featured a pretty provocative look at charity rating systems with thoughts from Dan Pallotta, author of Uncharitable?; Bob Ottenhoff, CEO of GuideStar; and Ken Berger of Charity Navigator. It was quite the debate, nicely summarized by my assistant and sister Kristina Leroux over at Fundraising123.org.

That’s plenty to keep you busy!

Here’s some of what I’m up to next week . . . I hope we can connect.

Monday: Essential Tactics for Better Email Fundraising & Communications — Webinar at Charity HowTo

Tuesday: The New and Improved Nonprofit Annual Report — Webinar at Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Wednesday: I’ll be in Atlanta giving a workshop for the Georgia Center for Nonprofits on nonprofit marketing in 2011.

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