Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers

Happy Friday! It’s time for some Mixed Links!

First off, a reminder that our Quarterly All-Access Pass Summer Special expires tonight at midnight. Sign up today and get an extra month free – that equals 3 extra webinars at no additional cost. Read all about our All-Access Pass and sign up today. Three sign-ups have come in just in the last 30 minutes.

The April Nonprofit Blog Carnival is up over at Rad Campaign. This month’s theme was Social Fundraising Tips and Best Practices. For May, Carnival host Lori Halley of Wild Apricot will be collecting your submissions about Mobile-izing Supporters.

Curating content is a big part of content marketing. In fact, there is a whole section in my e-book The Nonprofit Content Marketing Cookbook devoted to the subject of content curation. In this article, Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web, you’ll find great tips on how to curate content for your nonprofit to help others weed through information overload we see everyday on the Internet.

Event360 has just released a free new white paper 4 Steps to Converting Event Donors into Organizational Donors that will help you turn your event donors into long term ones. I’m hoping they’ll guest blog on it soon for us!

I don’t write too much about LinkedIn myself, but it can be an important tool for nonprofits. This guest post by Geri Stengel for Beth Kanter explains how nonprofits can build relationships through LinkedIn.

For those who rely more on Facebook, John Haydon shares his slide deck from his webinar 27 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page.

You know I advocate letting your nonprofit’s personality shine through in your fundraising and marketing. Corinne Marasco shares how Al Franken did just that in his fundraising appeal email. I bet we’ll get lots of inspiration for political fundraising emails in the coming months (not to mention a bunch of Don’t Do This! lessons).

In other “funny” business, check out 5 Parody Twitter Accounts to learn how those with a bad PR rep are handling it. (Again, note the word “parody” in the title. This is not really how Rupert Murdoch, BP, and the Galactic Empire are handling their public relations nightmares, but it sure is funny.) I’m working on a blog post about nonprofit parody accounts so if you know of some good ones, let me know!

And finally if any of you are searching for a job in the nonprofit marketing sector, Nancy Schwartz just posted her weekly Nonprofit Marketing Job listings. It’s a great resource for those hiring and job searching alike!

See you next week!

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