Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers

Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s this week’s Mixed Links.


Guidestar gives some tips on how to handle social media when you aren’t really into it.

If you are among the 74% who use your org’s mission statement when talking to your supporters or donors, you have a problem. Most mission statements really only speak to those inside the nonprofit and don’t resonate with others. Nancy Schwartz explains you need to create a separate message  to connect with external audiences.

There has been some talk about print newsletters being irrelevant and a thing of the past. That may not be the case though. Or it could be correct. It all depends on your organization and its target audience. Fraser Green gives some things you should think about before making a decision on your newsletter. (For another perspective, watch for upcoming e-clinic in September with Tom Ahern on raising money with print newsletters.)

Boredom, procrastination, resistence. These things are all bad, right? Maybe not. Mark McGuinness shares some insight on Why Boredom is Good for Your Creativity.

How is this for audience engagement? FrameWorks Institue recently released an interactive game called Swamped that allows you to take control of your message strategy and ensure your communications advance through the “swamp” of public opinion.

Frustrated with your board of directors when it’s time to talk funding and budgets? Gail Perry shares 3 Questions Your Board Members Really Need to Know.

Reports/White Papers

We all like to think that if we have a compelling and persuasive argument that people will see things our way and do the right thing. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and you sometimes have to turn up the heat on those you want to influence. M+R just released a new white paper called Pressure vs Persuasion that gives examples of pressure and persuasion tactics, along with a clear, easy-to-follow four-step process to help your organization turn up the pressure and win. Lots of people are blogging this one, including Allyson and Nancy.

The 2012 Millennial Impact Report has been released. Learn about Millennials preferences to connect, get involved and give to nonprofits.

Semphonic is looking for entries for the Non-Profit Analytics Challenge. Last year they helped Oceana and United Way of the Bay Area use analytics to boost donations, spend their marketing budgets more effectively and optimize SEO. Deadline is June 30.

Nonprofit Marketing Training

June 18 – Recommended CharityHowTo.com Webinar with Kerri Karvetski: AWESOME CAMPAIGNS: How to Plan a Successful Online Fundraiser

Registration for our August session of the Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits has opened. This e-clinic has sold out in the past, so secure your spot today.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com Webinars

For Pass Holders – June 21: Email Marketing and Fundraising Part II: The Makeovers

For Pass Holders – June 27: How to Find Emotion in Every Mission – Even Without Kids and Puppies (Featuring Karen Zapp)

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