Work is a State of Mind, Not a Place

A recent survey of business executives concluded that work isn’t really a place any longer — it’s a state of mind. That’s because mobile technology and social networking make it easier for us to merge the professional and the personal. As this infographic shows, 98% of executives say they send work-related emails on nights and weekends, and the same percentage deal with personal matters at the office.

The Work State of Mind


I have no doubt that this holds true in the nonprofit world too.

But what are the implications for nonprofit communications staff? Is this good, bad, or neutral for your nonprofit?

I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments. 

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  • Glenn

    The implications depend on the culture of the organization. If you have an HR Department and managers who fear that flexible work schedules equate to goofing off, then there’s a problem.

    On another note, I wonder if it’s really necessary for 98% of executives to send emails at nights and on weekends.

    • I’ve worked at a home office for about 15 years now, so my perspective on this is pretty skewed. But I think it’s all about balance.

      I think if nonprofits are going to expect that people monitor social media outside of 9 – 5, for example, then letting people do a little personal biz on work time here and there is probably a good tradeoff.

  • Glenn makes a good point. It definitely depends on organizational atmosphere. I transitioned out of freelancing 6 months ago to better separate my work and personal life. Now I work at an agency with a SUPER relaxed culture, but I use far more night & weekend minutes. And it’s definitely not because they expect it. It’s just that when you love what you do, like so many in the NGO sector, technology allows the lines between work and play to blur. That new flexibility also creates a (sometimes) self-inflicted burden.

  • Kivi – as a home-based consultant, I too have a skewed view of this and can definitely relate to the infographic in a positive way (ie I can keep in touch outside office hours and take a far more flexible approach. However, I completely agree with Glenn that, in an employee based culture, HR would be less than happy with the out of hours activity. Pinned it!

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