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While most people get what you are doing when you use a thermometer to report the level of donations you have received toward your goal, I don’t think they make much sense as a visual for achieving fundraising goals. What do thermometers have to do with your cause? Probably nothing, but yet that’s what a lot of nonprofits use. Is just doing what everyone else has always done a good enough reason to put up with these cheesy nonsensical icons?

We say NO! How you visually convey your goals should be a compelling part of your campaign.

As your end of the year fundraising kicks off, I wanted to remind you about a free download we developed last year to help you think more creatively about ways to show fundraising progress.

It’s full of clever alternatives submitted by my readers that were illustrated by Julia Reich Design. We hope you’ll be inspired to look beyond cheesy and tired clipart as you create ways to visually convey your progress!

Download “No More Fundraising Thermometers!” Now

Does your organization use something besides a thermometer to show your fundraising efforts? We’d love to see it! 

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. readers tomorrow . . . we won’t publish Thursday but will be back on Friday.

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