Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers February 1, 2013

Happy Friday! It’s time for Mixed Links.

Nancy Schwartz is conducting  a survey on marketing methods. It’s probably the shortest survey you’ll take, but will help us gain an insight into how you select your marketing activities.

You know I am a big proponent of editorial calendars. JD Lasica explains how some of you are confusing messaging calendars with content calenders and why you need to incorporate both into your communications plan.

I am in total agreement with JD that there is a lot of (very understandable) confusion about all of these various planning docs. In fact, I addressed another aspect of it — marketing plan versus communications plan — in a new video this week. More on that in a sec. I think you want a trio of documents: a marketing strategy, a communications plan, and an editorial calendar. I’m working on an article that explains the differences and gives you outlines/templates for all three. Stay tuned; should have it next week.

You don’t need recent fundraising stats to know that fundraising is hard. Jocelyn Harmon shares her thoughts on what you can do to help your fundraising staff do the best they can to raise the money your nonprofit needs.

Emily Konouchi of Emma shares 12 Subject Lines Split Testing Ideas. (Hat Tip to Jeff Brooks)

Speaking of Jeff Brooks, he’s got both the 7 Deadly Sins of Fundraising and the 7 Heavenly Virtues of Fundraising.

MarketingProfs has the Six Principals of Great Content Brands.

The Bloggess shares And That’s Why I Didn’t Get Anything Done Today. Nothing related to nonprofits whatsoever, but something I can relate to as my cat once deleted a whole folder of webinar recordings off our server. (Yes, really. I left an FTP connection open while I got up from my desk, she walked across the keyboard, and poof!)

Here’s that video I mentioned — new series I hope to do a couple of times a month.

Have a great weekend!

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