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mixed links

The Gingersnap

Happy Friday! Let’s kick the weekend off with some Mixed Links.

Nonprofit Hub has published a new infographic, Online Fundraising is the Future, that draws from the 2013 eBenchmarks Study published by NTEN and M+R earlier this year.

KISSmetrics has another infographic on how to get more likes on Facebook.

Websites are more about images now than they used to be. BigStock Photography shows you How to Use Photography to Enhance your Homepage.

Ouch! Jeff Brooks calls out a stupid nonprofit ad.

New NTEN CEO Amy Sample Ward tweeted out this great video series from Big Brothers Big Sisters. It’s a great example of how you can use stories from your clients to show change. And congrats Amy!

Even if you are one of many organizations rescuing animals or curing cancer, Tom Belford encourages you to find what is unique about your organization (and he doesn’t mean your logo).

When I do my webinar on writing better email subject lines, participants are often concerned about spam. If you think you can get tagged as spam for using the word “free” in your subject line then Everything That You Know About Spam Is Wrong. But you aren’t alone!

A couple of months ago we shared our take on Dan Pollatta’s Uncharitable talk at NTC13 on how nonprofits should be measured by the changes they are making and not overhead percentages. On the flip side of that, Nonprofit Quarterly warns us to be careful what we wish for. What side do you fall on?

Nonprofit Training

June 11 and 18: How To Do Your Own Nonprofit Communications Audit

June 12: Taming Your Communications Calendar Six Months at a Time

June 13: 105 Tips to Raise More Money by Mail

Mixed Drink of the Week

Last week, we unveiled the official cocktail of summer. This week is the runner-up.

We started by infusing vodka with ginger overnight and making simple syrup.


  • 3 parts ginger ale
  • 2 parts ginger vodka
  • Splash of St. Germain
  • Splash of simple syrup
  • Large orange slice
  • Slice of lemon
  • Fresh ginger slice (or two)

1. Muddle the orange, lemon, and fresh ginger with the simple syrup and St. Germain.

2. Add vodka, ice and shake.

3. Pour mixture over ice in lowball glass.

4. Top with ginger ale.

Have a wonderful first weekend of June!

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