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Happy Holidays!I hope you had a good week and are ready for the holidays! It’s been a hectic zoo around here, and I bet you can relate. So let’s cap things off this week with some Mixed Links…

First off, I want to encourage everyone to sign the petition on Change.org asking Facebook to implement an ad grant program (similar to Google Ad Grants, but easier) so nonprofits do not have to pay to reach their supporters on Facebook. If you want more details, read the post I wrote about it Wednesday –  This is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook Donate Button. Share it with everyone you know!

And if you didn’t hear about the new donate button Facebook has rolled out for some nonprofits, John Haydon has the details.

In other tech changes, Gmail is now displaying images in email and storing them on their own server. See what MailChimp thinks this means for open rates.

Pam Grow guests posts over at NPEngage with 3 Tips and a BIG Christmas Bonus to Supercharge Year-End Online Giving.

I recently did an article on annual reports for NTEN’s Change Journal. NTEN puts out great stuff for nonprofit leaders every quarter in the journal, so sign up to receive your copy. It’s free!

I talk about doing an infographic instead of/in addition to a traditional annual report in that NTEN article above and in my new webinar Advanced Annual Reports. Nicole Lamps shares her Recipe for Effective Infographics.

As you get ready to leave the office for the holidays, make your out of office replies worth something. Rachel Muir has 5 Steps to a Holiday Out-of-Office that Inspires.

Finally, shake off some of the stress of the holidays with a good laugh over at When You Work at a Nonprofit. I’ve had some seriously annoying problems this week, and a visit to When You Work at a Nonprofit ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud. That, and Damn You Autocorrect.

If you’ll be working much of the next two weeks, we’ll have lots of giveaways on our blog and Facebook, so keep reading! See you Monday!

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