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#MixedLinks-Twubs-BannerMost Fridays I sit down and read through Alltop, my Twitter feed, and various other resources to find the best stuff on the web for our awesome community of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers.

We call this round-up Mixed Links, because Kivi and I like cocktails and thought it was funny.

We always get very positive feedback about these posts, but I think they can be even better – with your help!

While there is no shortage of content out there that is helpful to you as a nonprofit communicator, I, try as I might, cannot read everything on the Internet (shocking, I know).

So I thought I would go straight to the source and see what you are reading…

If you have read a blog post or article that made you say “A-Ha!” then I want to know about it! Tweet the link using the hashtag #MixedLinks and I will take a look. If you have enough room, mention me @kristinaleroux. If it works for Mixed Links, I will include it along with your Twitter handle.

What I Am Looking For:

Any type of advice and tips on marketing or fundraising, including, but not limited to:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Website
  • Graphic design
  • Direct mail
  • Cause marketing
  • Mobile
  • Reports or studies on nonprofit marketing or fundraising case studies or trends
  • How to work with your board

It does not have to be specifically related to the nonprofit world. If you think another nonprofit communicator would find it helpful, then let me know.

What I Do Not Want:

  • Your promotions (linking to your fab new app for nonprofits or crowdfunding is extremely unlikely)
  • Your campaign literature (we rarely use this blog to fundraise for causes, and we pick our personal faves when we do)
  • Press releases
  • Reports or studies on your particular cause that aren’t broadly applicable to other kinds of nonprofits

If it would only be helpful to a small particular group of people, then it’s probably not going to be included.

Tweet the link and use #MixedLinks and let’s share what we know!

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Author: Kristina Leroux, Community Engagement Manager

I am the Community Engagement Manager at Nonprofit Marketing

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