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3041221202_eebf02b178_z flickr Mixed LinksHelp me out! Have you read an article you think would be great for Mixed Links? Let me know! Just tweet the link using #MixedLinks (and if you have room mention @kristinaleroux), then I will take a look. And give you full credit for the find, of course. ~Kristina

Next week is the last week to submit your posts for the Nonprofit Blog Carnival. We are hosting this month’s edition and the theme is Ideas, Examples, and Problems with Awareness Raising Campaigns.  Hmmm….does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge come to mind? Kivi blogged about it yesterday, but we want others too!

Want to raise more money? Of course you do.  Guidestar shares 5 Strategies to Generate More Donations at Your Nonprofit. (h/t to @GuideStarUSA)

If you need to rally a large amount of people, but don’t have the resources, check out this post from M+R, Nonprofit tele-townhalls: How to get 10,000 people in a ‘room.’

M+R also has a great case study on how the League of Conservation Voters transformed their membership by adding a simple checkbox to their membership form offering the ability to automatically renew membership every year.

TechSoup’s Storymakers contest is back. Nonprofits from around the world are invited to submit their digital story to the TechSoup Storymakers contest during the month of September. All participants have the chance to win up to US $13,000 in prizes and have their video showcased across the TechSoup Global Network.

Spitfire has developed Planning to Win: The Just Enough Guide for Campaigners – a simple, interactive six-step process for successful campaign planning. They say the guide is designed to work best with issue campaigns, policy campaigns and corporate campaigns, but can also be adapted for fundraising.

Jeff Brooks shares 6 signs of a well-run nonprofit organization.

Beth Kanter encourages you to Use #GivingTuesday to Experiment with New Fundraising Strategies.

Earlier this year, I posted about how a lot of us are eating lunch at our desk. Check out this funny video from The Atlantic on The Sad Desk Lunch. “Sad desk lunch is a public health hazard.”

Nonprofit Training:

FREE for everyone! September 3: How to Raise Awareness for Your Cause on a Budget

September 8: Marketing Bequests: Asking for That Final Gift Part I: Getting Started with Tom Ahern

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