Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers September 11, 2015

BCCC5FC95F Mixed LinksI hope everyone had a good week. Please join me for some Mixed Links…

Let’s kick things off with some bold thinking.

If you’re trying to get your nonprofit to appear less wishy-washy, you will appreciate this comic The Power of Polarization.

Jonathan Simmons encourages new thinking and collaboration in Five Ways Charity Leaders Can Encourage Innovation.

And Naomi Dunford at IttyBiz asks How Innovative Are You Willing To Be?

In social media news, John Haydon shares 7 Proven Visual Marketing Ideas for Maximum Facebook Impact.

Allyson Kapin tries to answer the difficult, but often asked question, Is Your Nonprofit’s Content Effective?

While trying to create that effective content, remember  Attention is a Gift: Once you have my attention, why should I care?

Debra Askanase talks more about metrics in Social Media Metrics That Matter. This post also includes slides from her recent presentation Measuring What Matters: Meaningful Metrics.

And finally, September’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival will be hosted by Mary Cahalane. She is taking submissions on How Do You Say Thanks.

Nonprofit Training

September 30: How to Tame Your Wild and Unwieldy Nonprofit Editorial Calendar

Have a great weekend, everyone! Never Forget


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