Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators October 14, 2016

Mules for Mixed Links 2015-08-04 19.37.26Hope you had a great week! Today is my birthday so let’s celebrate with some Mixed Links (among other things)…

If you want to create compelling content people will read, you need to let go of these 7 Bad Writing Habits You Learned in School.

Hubspot shared an infographic on What Successful Marketing Looks Like Today.

Looking for attention on Instagram? Here are 5 Creative Ways to Engage Supporters with Instagram Stories.

Highlight what you do to a new audience on Instagram by taking the Nonprofit Baton.

Gail Perry has the Top 10 Ways to Screw Up Your Year-End Campaign.

Classy shares 6 Fundraising Psychology Hacks You Need to Know.

The adage “Do as I say and not as I do” does not apply to donors. See What Happens If You Listen to Your Donors TOO MUCH.

If you are the boss of someone else but don’t want to be, you may want to check out 29 tips for being a horrible supervisor that everyone hates.

Nonprofit Training

October 20: Nonprofit Q&A Panel: Branding and Graphic Design

October 25: The Happy Healthy Marketer: Self-Care for Nonprofit Marketers (FREE!)

November 10: Advanced Techniques for Boosting Your Online Fundraising Campaigns

Enjoy your weekend!

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