Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators June 16, 2017

Mixed Links Nonprofit CommunicationsHappy Friday, everyone! Join me for some of the best Mixed Links around…

Something that could help you with your nonprofit communiations – How to Add Color and Richness to Your Writing … Without Making Us Want to Barf.

Beth Kanter reviews Julia Campbell’s book Storytelling in the Digital Age.

Wild Apricot shares 49 Popular Nonprofit Software Tools That Save Time and Money.

Do you see The Difference Between Your Nonprofit’s Brand and Its Campaigns? That may be a problem.

Marc Pitman tells you Don’t Put Off Fundraising Planning to the Fall!

Here is Why Content Matters (No Matter What Type of Marketer You Are).

M+R gives you 4 Facebook Posts that Prove Why Shareables Are a Campaign Organizer’s Best Friend.

Do you work at home or sometimes work remotely? These 5 Rules Will Help You Work More Productively at Home.

Nonprofit Training

July 13: How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Email, Ads, and Social Media with Google Analytics with Eric Squair (Registration is $50 or free with an All-Access Pass)

July 25 & 17: Writing a Donor-Centered Website with Tom Ahern (Registration for Part 1 is $99. Parts 1 and 2 are $199. Both parts free with an All-Access Pass)

Have a great weekend!

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