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Middle Donors: Where Communications and Development Learn to Love Each Other?

Alia and Mark over at Sea Change Strategies are two super smart cookies, so when they have a new report out, I’m on it. Their latest work of genius is The Missing Middle: Neglecting Middle Donors is Costing You Millions. Middle donors are those giving between $1,000 and...

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How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Write Like a Human

We’ve been telling you for years that most nonprofits need to create less formal communications. But we know a lot of you are not being heard by your executive director or board members. Kate Snyder, who is the donor communications coordinator for South Hills...

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Email Segmenting: Is That Data Worth Gathering?

I’m working with a client to figure out ways they *wish* they could segment their email list in the future, so they can start collecting the data to do so now. It’s a very interesting conversation. Like most visionary conversations, you end up with a long list of...

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