Social Media Starter Kit

We have a special series of webinar recordings called the Social Media Starter Kit, which are taught by Kivi Leroux Miller and Kerri Karvetski for All-Access Pass Holders.

The Social Media Starter Kit includes these webinars:

  • Getting Beyond the Like: Social Media Engagement Strategies for Nonprofits (Kivi)
  • Facebook Pages for Nonprofits (Kerri)
  • Facebook Apps, Ads, and More for Nonprofits (Kerri)
  • Twitter and LinkedIn for Nonprofits (Kerri)
  • Google+ and Pinterest for Nonprofits (Kerri)
Get these five hours of training now with the All-Access Pass.

Social Media Essentials

This social media cheat sheet will help you put strategy into your social media outreach. Just fill out the form below to receive the pdf.

Social Media Makeovers

During our Feedback and Fine-Tuning Sessions on social media, experts like John Haydon and Kerri Karvetski will look at your social media networks and let you know what looks good and what could use some tweaking.

Kivi's Articles and Blog Posts on Social Media for Nonprofits