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Limited to 24 Nonprofits Who Want More Profitable Print Donor Newsletters

Newsletters: Some Succeed Beyond Anyone’s Wildest Dreams, but Most Drive Donors Away

Most charity newsletters disappoint: they don’t even pay for themselves. But, then, most nonprofits unwittingly produce print newsletters that are actually built to fail. Want to unlock the full potential of your charity’s newsletter? Learn the science and secrets from Tom Ahern that will help you reap extraordinary rewards.

Tom Ahern literally wrote the book on printed donor newsletters. In fact, now he’s writing his second edition. What does he know that you might not? That most charity newsletters are BUILT TO FAIL, not succeed. He also knows how easy it is to change your failing donor newsletter into a surprising success. Newsletters that follow his prescriptions sometimes raise more in gifts than do straightforward appeals. See why a newsletter he guided through a makeover now raises $500,000 annually from just 10,000 donors.

Please note: this e-clinic focuses exclusively on newsletters used in fundraising. It is NOT about any other kind of newsletter, nor is it about direct mail letters — we have another e-clinic for that.

TomAhern100Meet Tom Ahern

Tom Ahern is often described as “one of the world’s leading authorities” on how to speak properly — and profitably — to donors. He’s authored four well-received how-to books on donor communications, and delivers dozens of workshops internationally on the techniques of successful fundraising communications. A constant practitioner, Tom writes fundraising materials for some of America’s leading nonprofits, constantly honing his specialties of donor newsletters, direct mail, and case statements.


Meet Kivi Leroux Miller

Kivi Leroux Miller is president of  Nonprofit Marketing and the author of “The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause.”   Through training, coaching and consulting, she helps small nonprofits and communications departments of one make a big impression with smart, savvy marketing and communications. She writes the #1 nonprofit communications blog on the web and teaches nearly every week via webinars and in-person workshops.

What’s Included in the E-Clinic

The e-clinic includes five hours of training and personal coaching via webinars with Tom Ahern and Kivi Leroux Miller where you will learn how to put together a great donor newsletter for your nonprofit.  Every session will be recorded in case you can’t make a session live, or want to go back over certain sections.

** Please note that these webinars will NOT appear on our regular schedule. The only way to attend is to register for this e-clinic. **

Expert Training: Two Webinars

In webinar #1 (December 2nd at 1:00 p.m. EST), you’ll learn proven formulas for newsletter success, for both print and digital media. You’ll also see why the typical approach most charities take to newsletters is exactly the wrong approach. We’ll analyze a newsletter that raises a half million dollars yearly from just 10,000 names.

In webinar #2 (December 4th at 1:00 p.m. EST), you’ll be taught how to write effective headlines, an essential skill. You’ll learn how to develop relevant content … even if it’s a slow news day. We’ll analyze two newsletters: one that looks great, but never generates gifts … and one that inspired a 1,000% increase in giving by changing a few simple things.

Expert Advice: Four Coaching Sessions

Based on your schedule, you’ll be assigned to one of four coaching webinars (December 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th). Prior to your assigned webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your newsletter’s lead story, headline and deck to Tom for his personal review.  During the coaching webinars, Tom will talk participants through what he thinks is working well with the newsletter, and where he suggests you make some changes.  You’ll get direct feedback on your writing that you can use to make your newsletter even stronger.

You are also invited to listen in on the other two coaching sessions, where you’ll pick up tons of tips as you watch Tom provide feedback to others. All three sessions will be recorded, in case you want to review them later.

Group Discussion and Sharing

You’ll also be invited to participate in a private Facebook group where you’ll get additional bonus materials from Tom and Kivi, while discussing your donor newsletter questions with Tom, Kivi, and the other participants.


Three important chapters from Tom’s upcoming new book on donor newsletters.

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We Have Room for Only 24 Nonprofits . . .

Because each participant will get personal attention from Tom and Kivi, we must limit this e-clinic to only 24 participants. We expect it to fill up quickly, so register now to reserve your spot.

What Others Have Said About This E-Clinic

“Thanks Tom and Kivi! Our fall newsletter was our best result yet. Highest response rate and most raised per newsletter. I would say this e-clinic is a must for any organization that wants to improve its newsletter” – Allison Grierson, Friends of Honduran Children

“The clinic offers a great opportunity to see your newsletter from the reader’s perspective. It is packed with information, advice, tips and examples. I started revising my newsletter after the first session.” – Cheryl Megurdichian, Second Sense

“Tremendous! It helped me focus my energy on the right things and I’m making changes to my newsletter right away.I loved the coaching sessions, and being able to watch the other sessions. I’m also a big fan of how you leveraged Facebook for mutual learning. I’ve never seen it done with as much success and participation. Great job!” – CD

“Valuable – insightful – well worth the time and money. Gave us lots to think about. We need to be very critical and strategic about how and why we are doing a newsletter. Different audiences require different strategies, and this seminar brought it all home.” – Glynis Corkal, Misericordia Health Centre Foundation