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Maria Sadowski of Natural Resources Foundation of WI

"You've filled such a huge gaping hole in the marketplace"

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. Every email I get from you includes something that is interesting or inspiring or informative...and often all of those at once! You've filled such a huge gaping hole in the marketplace for those of us who work in nonprofits. Each of the webinars I've attended has been outstanding, and far superior to what others have offered.

Thanks very much for your great work!" -- Maria Sadowski, Director of Communications, Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

Anne Benson of Great Old Broads for Wilderness

"Lots of Good Information in an Engaging Format"

"Just wanted to let you know that after attending your webinar, "Essential Tactics for Better Email Fundraising and Communications," in January, Great Old Broads for Wilderness ventured out into the world of e-newsletters and "Broad-cast" our first Broadly Speaking on April 1.

It's a little longer than I'd like but we were so excited about the first issue that we got carried away with the little "gifts." We've had nothing but good comments and an open rate of 26.1%!

I've always been very reluctant to attend webinars since they're usually so uninformative. Yours, however, was exceptional. Lots of good information in an engaging format. Thank you!" -- Anne Benson, Great Old Broads for Wilderness

Kathy Covey of Cat Adoption Team

"Every webinar by Kivi inspires me..."

"Every webinar by Kivi inspires me because it gets me to really think about how I market the organization.  We are thinking of adding a blog directly to our website and wanting to do podcasts. The tips she included here will help make that a reality sooner than later." -- Kathy Covey, Cat Adoption Team

More Comments from Webinar Participants

"I love Kivi's webinars because they aren't just another expert spouting opinions and 'you shoulds'. Kivi includes practical advice that turns the 'you shoulds' into 'you can.'" -- Erin Turnell, Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries

"Well worth the money. Would like to participate in another webinar." -- Michele Cauch, St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre

"I take in a lot of webinars and teleconferences. These are the best of the bunch!" -- Barb McMahon, Pediatric AIDS Canada

"A very useful webinar. Great level of interactivity, kept us very engaged." -- Margaret Kertess, Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment

"A practical, how-to that gives pointers you can apply immediately, coupled with some thought-provoking questions." -- Johanna Manasee, RJM Enterprises

"Fast-paced, fit well into a crazy schedule. Extremely informative." -- Christina Howell, Communities in Schools

"I love your webinars, Kivi. Such useful information packaged in a briefing format that really hits the key points." -- Lucy Luciano, PMP Research Foundation

"Very informative and well worth the fee!!!" -- Kimberly Latona, Endometriosis Research Center

"Good big picture with some empowering action items. Makes you feel like you can really achieve results." -- Elizabeth Gardner, CISNCAP

"Interactive, very helpful, detailed but not overly so, clear and concise." -- Jennifer Roccanti, Miriam's Kitchen

"Very clear-cut, specific guidelines, with great examples. Easy to follow." --Melinda McKee, NC Gives

"Lots of great info, will be sharing the recording link with our ED." --Deborah Musika, Brighter Futures