Kivi Leroux Miller can present the following keynote presentations, speaking from 20-60 minutes, not including audience Q & A. She can also present half-day and full-day workshops on these topics for a more interactive experience with time for individual and group exercises.

Looking for more detailed training? Review the full list of workshop/webinar topics. Kivi often presents a keynote, with a more in-depth workshop either before or after.

The Hot Trends: What to Embrace and What to Ignore in Nonprofit Marketing and Communications

The nonprofit marketing and communications treadmill keeps getting faster and faster, but is it taking you anywhere, or just wearing you out? During this session, Kivi Leroux Miller will get you current on what's hot, while also explaining what's OK to put on ice. She'll share a framework that helps you decide what's right for your organization's marketing strategy, leaving you with the confidence to say "Yes" to what's most likely to work and "No" to what's just a distraction.


Map & Merge: Creating a Nonprofit Content Strategy That Works

Nonprofits that communicate well today are mini media moguls that publish and broadcast directly to their participants and supporters, both online and offline. It's a lot to manage. During this session, Kivi Leroux Miller will share her process for mapping out your major campaigns and story arcs so that your core messages get through, while leaving room to merge in on-the-fly decisions that take advantage of breaking news or timely discussions in social media.


No Bragging and Nothing Boring: Effective Ways to Share Your Impact

Supporters want to know how their gifts of time and money are used before they’ll give again. They also want to know that they – through support of your organization – are changing the world for the better. Are you meeting these needs, without bragging or boring them? During the presentation, Kivi Leroux Miller will show you how to effectively communicate your impact year-round in ways that make your supporters feel like the heroes they are. You’ll see how nonprofits are reporting results in creative, innovative ways, using both new technology and traditional communications channels. You’ll leave inspired to talk about your work in new ways, which in turn will inspire your supporters to do even more for your cause.


Who Cares and So What? Making Your Messaging Memorable and Motivating

Your organization is talking, but is anyone listening? Or are you getting trapped in the personal “So What? Who Cares?” filters that all of us hold up against the thousands of messages thrown in front of us each day?

During this presentation, you’ll learn how to communicate with supporters so that you not only get through those filters but also attract supporters to you, rather than you pursuing them all the time.

How is this possible? By developing a content marketing strategy based on the six R’s of relevant nonprofit messaging and communications. When you create content that is Rewarding, Realistic, Real Time, Responsive, Revealing, and Refreshing, you are constantly building in the answers to “So What?” and “Who Cares?” You’ll leave full of ideas and enthusiasm for creating a content marketing strategy that has people standing up to say, “This Matters, and I Care!”


Putting Strategy into Your Social Media Outreach

You are using social media like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but to what end?

Engagement in social media is the new goal, but we don't just get "engaged" to anyone. We mix, we mingle, we’re just friends, we date, and maybe, just maybe, we get engaged. It’s a process – sometimes a very long one.

During this presentation, we’ll review some of the strategic decisions that go into successful social media campaigns, so that social supports your other programmatic and/or fundraising goals.  We'll also review how putting the Three G's -- Being Genuine, Generous, and Grateful -- at the center of your social media strategy will help you create a plan that builds sustainable support for your cause.


Storytelling: The Most Powerful Marketing and Fundraising Tool Most Nonprofits Ignore

The single most powerful marketing and fundraising tool your nonprofit has is both free and already in your possession -- you just may not realize it. It's telling a good story about the people involved in your organization -- the people you help, and your volunteers and supporters.

Good stories are so powerful because they are emotional, and emotions, not facts and figures, drive giving. Stories are also easier to remember than facts and figures, making it easy for supporters to tell their friends about your work. That's how your organization grows.

During this session, you will see how good stories can be the backbone of your marketing and fundraising strategy, both offline and online.


*Keynotes can be preceded or followed by a tactical workshop.*