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Most Popular Half- and Full-Day Workshops

Turning Your Whole Staff and Board into a Powerful, Effective Marketing Team

(This is also great for board retreats!)

Your organization would be thriving if you could just get some help getting the word out. Right?

More people would know about the work you do, understand it, and support it. You'd have all the volunteers, clients, donors, and advocates you needed. The media and decisionmakers would call you, instead of you begging for their attention. If only you had more marketing staff . . .

. . . Or you could stop daydreaming and start working with what you have right in front of you: Your current co-workers and board of directors.

During this workshop, you'll learn how to turn the people already associated with your organization into a marketing team (whether they know it or not, and whether they “like” marketing or not!).

You’ll learn

  • What nonprofit marketing is – and isn’t – and why your nonprofit won’t thrive without it.
  • How to talk about marketing in terms other staff can appreciate, even if they don’t like the idea of marketing (or fundraising!)
  • How to help people see that they are already marketing your organization every time they talk  about it
  • Why creating systems that make marketing a cinch (rather than a pinch) is both essential and easy
  • Why you can let staff and board members do it their way while still achieving your goals


Creating Your Donor Communications Plan

What do you say to donors and other supporters of your cause in between asking them for money? During this workshop, you'll develop an editorial calendar for a donor communications plan that comes full circle: asking for support, thanking supporters, offering additional ways to get engaged, and reporting results before asking again.


Social Media: Your On-Ramp to Future Fundraising

You’ve probably been cautioned to avoid thinking about using social media as a direct fundraising tool and to instead focus on donor “engagement” – which will someday lead to fundraising  opportunities. But when? And what about all of those nonprofits who are, in fact, using social media to raise money right now?  During this workshop, we’ll explore how your organization can create a social media strategy that does both. You’ll learn how to focus on project-specific, short-term, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns in social media, while using the same tools to build trust and influence with donors who are likely to make more significant online or direct mail gifts later.

Get Real! Using Your Nonprofit's Refreshing Personality to Build Rapport with Supporters

Learn how to use your organization's personality (yes, you have one) to build support for your cause. That personality -- your style, tone, voice, and look --  is what sets you apart from every other organization vying for attention in your community and ultimately makes you memorable. You’ll see different examples of nonprofit personalities; the role that visual elements like colors and fonts play; ways to make your personality clearer to supporters; and how to use that sense of style within your messaging and fundraising. We’ll also review what to do if you think your nonprofit suffers from a multiple personality disorder -- or has no personality at all.


Telling Stories that Build Support and Raise Money

The single, most powerful marketing and fundraising tool your nonprofit has is both free and already in your possession -- you just may not realize it. It's telling a good story about the people involved in your organization -- the people you serve, and your volunteers and supporters.

Good stories are so powerful because they are emotional, and emotions, not facts and figures, drive giving. Stories are also easier to remember than facts, making it easy for supporters to tell their friends about your work. That's how your organization grows. All nonprofits have great stories, but exactly how do you go about telling them? What do you emphasize and what do you leave out?

During a day-long workshop with Nonprofit Marketing Guide's Kivi Leroux Miller, you'll see how stories can be the backbone of your marketing and fundraising strategy, both offline and online. Through a series of exercises and practice sessions, we’ll remove some of the mystery from the storytelling process as you learn how to tell four different kinds of stories. You'll see how you can use stories (and reuse them) in email, on your website, in social media, in fundraising letters, at events, and more.

9:00 – 9:45 am                  Putting the Power of Stories to Work for You

9:45 – 10:30 am                Telling Your Stories Using the “Challenge” Plot

10:30 – 11:15 am              Telling Your Stories Using the “Creativity” Plot

11:15 – Noon                    Telling Your Stories Using the “Connection” Plot

Noon – 1:00 pm                Lunch

1:00 – 2:00 pm                 Telling Stories about Special People: The Personal Profile

2:00 – 3:00 pm                 Tips for Digital Storytelling

3:00 – 4:00 pm                 How to Use (and Reuse) Stories throughout Your Marketing and Fundraising


Seven Steps to Better Email Fundraising & Communications

Email is powerful. It's inexpensive. It's fast. And when done well, e-newsletters can inspire your donors to give more money and time to your good cause. The only problem is that most nonprofit e-communications does just the opposite: It overwhelms supporters with too much information, distracts them away from what's most important, and leaves them with more questions than answers.

During this workshop, in an easy-to-follow process, we'll cover the seven steps you can follow to take your e-newsletter from boring to brilliant. We'll answer all of these questions and more:

  • What kinds of articles work best and how many should we include?
  • How can we use e-newsletters to move our supporters to act?
  • How long should our email newsletter be?
  • What should it look like?
  • What kind of graphics and photos should we include?
  • What's the most important part of an email newsletter?
  • Are there templates we can use?
  • Do we have to know HTML?
  • How do we get people's email addresses?
  • Can I send the email newsletter from Outlook or do I need to sign up for an email newsletter service?
  • How do we comply with the federal CAN-SPAM law and avoid the spam folder?
  • How can we measure the effectiveness of our emails?

We'll have plenty of time for your specific questions too. You'll learn how to identify and fix common mistakes and how very small changes to certain elements of a e-newsletter can drastically improve its effectiveness. You'll leave will several concrete examples and practical tips that will help you produce the best email communications possible for your supporters.

Additional Topics, Especially for One-Hour Webinars

Marketing Strategy

  • How to Write a "Quick and Dirty" Nonprofit Marketing Strategy
  • Integrated Online Marketing: Using the Web, Email, and Social Media Together
  • Best Practices in Nonprofit Marketing
  • Forget the General Public: How to Define and Research Your Target Audience
  • We Don't Need No Press Release!  Become Your Own Media Mogul and Talk Directly to Your Supporters
  • Content Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits
  • Building Your Credibility as an Expert: Getting the Media and VIPs to Call You
  • The "Three Ts" Series (Time, Talent, and Treasure):
    • -- Time-Saving Tips for Nonprofit Communicators
    • -- The Talent Search: Building Your Skills, Finding Good Help, and Managing Freelancers and Volunteers
    • -- Nonprofit Marketing on a Tight Budget

Nonprofit Writing Skills

  • Nonprofit Writing Stinks: How to Bring Your Writing Back to Life
  • Online Writing: Dos and Don'ts of Writing for the Web and Email
  • 10 Captivating Ways to Start Fundraising Letters, Newsletter Articles, Press Releases, and More
  • Short & Sweet: Boiling Down Your Message So Everyone Gets It
  • Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Write Your Nonprofit's Best Stories
  • How to Write Moving Personal Profiles about Your Donors, Volunteers, and Other Supporters
  • How to Write a Great Nonprofit Elevator Pitch
  • The New and Improved Nonprofit Annual Report
  • How to Write Thank You Letters that Inspire Donors to Give Again

Email Marketing

  • Email Newsletter Essentials for Nonprofits: From Start to Finish
  • Switching from a Print Newsletter to an Email Newsletter
  • Easy and Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List
  • On-the-Spot E-Newsletter Makeovers

Nonprofit Websites and Social Media

  • Successful Nonprofit Websites: How to Make Your Site Work for You
  • Attracting More Website Visitors: Traffic-Building Tips for Nonprofits
  • Basic Online Fundraising: Jumpstart Online Giving to Your Good Cause
  • Blogging for Nonprofits: Tips, Traps, and Tales
  • Getting Your Nonprofit Started with Social Media
  • Who's Talking About You and What Are They Saying? Listening to Online Conversations
  • Convincing Social Media Skeptics: "Selling" the Value of Social Media for Nonprofits
  • Ten Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans