You’ve been working so hard on content and trying to keep people engaged, but it’s inevitable: some of them will click that unsubscribe button (or perhaps the “manage preferences” link if you offer it).

All is not lost . . . yet.

You have a great chance at keeping those people on your email list if you give them the right choices and do it in a way that is EASY and QUICK for them to process. Nothing hard to wade through belongs on this page!

Here are three examples of nonprofit email unsubscribe pages that I think do a great job.

Southern Poverty Law Center

SPLC knows that when people get to this page, it’s really about getting less email. So instead of asking people what they do want, they go ahead and give them the list of things they don’t want. It’s very refreshing!

No Kid Hungry

If you want to keep people on the list, you have to make that easy. Visual cues come to the rescue on No Kid Hungry’s unsubscribe page. Green checks mean send it; red Xs mean don’t. Simple and fast.

Charity: Water

Naturally, the Charity: Water team takes it up a notch by actually telling you how many emails you can expect so that you can customize the volume and mix of email that works for you. They also use nice visual cues with the off/on switch.

Are you inspired to change up your unsubscribe form? You do have to work within the confines of your CRM database and/or email service provider, but it’s worth looking at ways to customize this last-chance engagement tool.

Published On: October 3, 2019|Categories: Email List Management, Nonprofit Email Marketing|

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