Mentoring Program for Communications DirectorsI’m accepting applications for the July – December 2104 session of our Mentoring Program for Nonprofit Communications Directors. 

“What the heck is nonprofit marketing mentoring?” you might be wondering.

I think of mentoring as a combination of training, advising and coaching. 

Through training, I tell you how to do it.

With advising (or consulting), I share suggestions for how to apply that training to your specific situations.

Through coaching, I help you find your own insights and solutions to your marketing and fundraising problems.

In the Mentoring Program, I do all three with you. 

Here’s a more specific list of the kinds of things I would do as your nonprofit marketing mentor:

  • Providing an experienced set of eyes to help you see more clearly.  Often the answers are in front of you, but you are so buried in the details that you can’t see them
  • Giving you concrete feedback on your work — where it is falling short of the best practices, and constructive advice on how to make substantive improvements
  • Helping you prioritize and focus on what’s most likely to work best, and what’s most important
  • Showing you how to customize best practices for your unique situations
  • Encouraging you to think more creatively about your nonprofit marketing approaches
  • Challenging you to experiment, so you can find what genuinely works for your nonprofit
  • Providing a framework that keeps you moving forward, instead of getting bogged down
  • Identifying ways to work smarter and faster, without burning yourself out

Does this sound good to you?

If so, please take a few minutes to explore the Mentoring Program further. It’s a six-month program for just 10 nonprofit communicators that will start in July, and run through December 2014.   If you want to participate, you’ll need to complete a short application. We only have three spots left!

I hope you’ll check out the Mentoring Program details now, and go ahead and apply if it looks good to you. The program fee is $500 per month or $2500 in advance.



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