new communications directorWe recently asked you to share your advice for new communications directors, and we heard from 25 of you. That’s a great start, but we’d love to hear even more!

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Here are just a few of the great nuggets of wisdom so far . . .

“The most important research you can do is research into your own audience. You can study communications best practices obsessively, but if your plan of action isn’t hyper-targeted to the specific people you’re trying to reach, you won’t be effective. For example, our small town likes to get a large portion of their news from printed flyers at the local coffee shops. When I first started, I wasn’t aware of this until a patron or two let me have it for not having posters on the coffee shop bulletin board. It’s quirky things like that — and figuring out how to reach your constituents in their preferred way — that you can’t learn until you’re in the job.”  ~ Michelle Fleming, Manager, PR and Marketing, Tryon Fine Arts Center

“EVERYONE will have advice for you. Where and how to advertise. What words were spelled wrong. How they did/didn’t like some creative piece. You name it. Every aspect of your job, as it is intended to be public and visible, will get comments. Don’t let the crabapples get you down. We’ve all been there. All made typos and had things not be as effective as others. Learn from them. Grow and get better. Sort through the feedback as you get it for the gems that help you do this and let all the others go.” ~ Kimberly Burkard, Marketing Director, Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park 

“NEVER be afraid to seek help. I thought I had to know everything and didn’t want to show my weaknesses. We can never be good at everything. Do what you do best, ask for help for the rest!”  ~ Sheri Booms Holm, Communications Director at West Central Initiative

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Published On: September 26, 2017|Categories: Nonprofit Training, Professional Development|

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