I’ve got three online courses beginning Monday, June 5. Since each week’s materials take one-two hours to complete, you can safely enroll anytime next week and not get behind. All of the courses are four weeks long.

How to Write a Nonprofit Annual Report — This course teaches participants the basic steps for creating an annual report, including in-depth discussions on all of the major sections. The class covers annual report organization and themes, presenting financial information, writing a strong executive message, and the special extras that can make a report stand out. Cost-saving tips for production and distribution are also shared. Fee: $119.

Making Your Writing Correct — This course reviews some of the most common grammar and punctuation errors, such as using the wrong word (e.g., its versus it’s, that versus which) and subject-verb agreement. It also reviews how to fix misplaced modifiers, run-ons, and incomplete sentences. Fee: $99.

Making Your Writing Clear & Concise — This course focuses on finding and repairing the weak spots in your writing. You’ll learn how to build better sentences and paragraphs and how to get to the point more quickly by cutting deadwood phrases, redundancies, and clichés. It also reviews a handful of writing tricks that will make your writing easier to read. Fee: $99.

All of these courses are now being offered monthly, starting the first Monday of the month. You can register up to three months in advance, so if you can’t take a course this month, you can hold your spot now for next month.

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