Talking about the NEWSEmail newsletters consistently rank among the top 3 when we ask nonprofits what their most important communications channels in our annual trends report survey. You also spend more time on creating email newsletter articles than most other types of content.

For something so important and time-consuming, you want to make sure it’s right. Unfortunately, a lot of nonprofit e-newsletters are neither visually appealing nor do they include anything supporters really want to read.

Creating a better email newsletter starts with knowing what you want it to do. Are you using email to motivate action like donations or volunteering? Or to educate donors about the work they have supported in the past? Or to provide services to members? Knowing what you want to achieve via email is essential to creating the right content and delivery schedule.

Then you start worrying about what it should look like and what you should say. Your newsletter should have a clean and simple design. Use the same layout every time so readers know what to expect.

The best emails read as personal communications from one person to another. Don’t speak as a nonprofit organization; speak as a staff person working on issues your readers care about.

We’ll be teaching you how to do all of that, as well as providing personal feedback on your email newsletter during April.

It starts with a 90-minute webinar with CharityHowTo, Email Newsletters for Nonprofits, Part I: Strategies to Make the Most of Your E-Newsletter on Wednesday, April 15th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific).

During this webinar, we’ll focus on the strategy involved in creating a newsletter worthy of the time you are investing in it. You can write an engaging, inspiring email newsletter that supports your programmatic, fundraising and/or advocacy goals, but it takes both strategic focus and tactical know-how to pull it off.

Then, on Thursday, April 16th (same time), we’ll present Email Newsletters for Nonprofits, Part II: Writing and Designing Great E-Newsletters.

Many nonprofit e-newsletters overwhelm readers with too much information, distract them away from what’s most important, are hard to read (if not impossible on a mobile device) and leave them with more questions than answers.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to give your e-newsletter a tactical makeover, including all the nitty-gritty best practices in e-newsletter copywriting and design.

These webinars also come with these BONUS downloads:

  1. Checklist: 20 Email Newsletter Essentials
  2. Checklist: Where to Start with Your Email Newsletter Makeover
  3. Checklist: 20 Ways to Build Your Email List
  4. Checklist: Moving from a Print Newsletter to an Email Newsletter

Finally on Tuesday, April 21st at 1:00 p.m., I will talk with you one-on-one about your email newsletter during our rapid-fire Feedback and Fine-Tuning Session: Email Newsletters.

You can register for the two training webinars at CharityHowTo a la carte. It’s $79 for Part 1 and $89 for Part 2 or both for $126 using the coupon code enews.

BUT you will need an All-Access Pass to attend all 3 webinars, as the Feedback and Fine-Tuning Sessions are Pass Holder Exclusives. You can get a Quarterly All-Access Pass for just $199 so it pays for itself with just these three webinars.


Published On: April 7, 2015|Categories: Nonprofit Training, Webinars and Online Courses|

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