How is your nonprofit evolving? That’s the topic of the latest edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, posted earlier this week at the blog of FIO Partners. You’ll find some interesting posts on how nonprofits are changing and growing. 

The next edition of the Carnival will be hosted on October 1 by Ready, Aim, Inspire and the theme will be “what it takes to be a great leader.” 

The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants is a twice-monthly blog carnival that rounds up and summarizes some of the best advice, forward thinking, and resources for nonprofits in the blogosphere. I launched the Carnival in June 2006 and it has become one of the longest continuously running blog carnivals around! Thanks to all of our contributors and readers for your support! Learn how to contribute your posts and subscribe to the Carnival feed.

Published On: September 19, 2008|Categories: Nonprofit Blog Carnival, Nonprofit Marketing Trends|

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