End-of-Year Appeal Letter Procrastinators – Reserve Your Spot Now!

Procrastinator's Special: Writing Your Year-End Appeal

Santa’s elves help him meet his year-end goals. Need a little help meeting yours?

Join us!

Registration is free, with a $10 optional donation requested.

Haven’t written your end-of-year appeal letter yet?

That’s OK. You still have a little time. You can stop worrying about it and relax over the holiday weekend, if you take a minute now to register for my free conference call on Tuesday, December 1 called Procrastinator’s Special: Writing Your Year-End Appeal Letter. It will take place at 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT).

During this conference call, you’ll . . .

  • Hear about trends we are seeing in year-end appeals so far this year. Are nonprofits talking about the economy, and if so, how?
  • Get suggestions for ways to start your appeal letter and to end it – those are the hardest parts to write, aren’t they?
  • Chat with other nonprofits in small groups so you can share your favorite tips with your peers from around the country, and get their tips in return.
  • Learn about some great resources available to help you plan your end-of-year appeal, even at the last minute.

The Format. This interactive conference call will be Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s first use of a new training system called MaestroConference. It’s not a webinar — it’s a phone-based conference call where we have the ability to speak to everyone as one big group and to create break-out groups where you can speak privately to a smaller group of participants.

We hope this format will let us share our advice with you, while also allowing participants to share directly with each other in small groups and then report back the best of those small-group discussions to the larger group. We’ll also leave plenty of time for questions.

The Registration Fee. In return for this advice, I’m requesting a $10 charitable donation that I will pass on 100% to Positive Wellness Alliance, a nonprofit working to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. This is a free-will donation, however, and you may register for free if you choose.

I have only 200 lines, and about 50 people have registered so far, so reserve your spot today before you leave the office!

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