Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

mixed links peachFor all of us stuck at work while all the cool kids are at #16NTC, here are your Mixed Links…

Nancy Schwartz shows you how to Write Better than Ever Before.

No Paid Fundraising Staff? Assign a “Fundraising Leader” and Raise More Money, says Lori Jacobwith.

Rachel Muir guest blogs for Network for Good and gives us Best Practices in Donor Thank Yous.

Best practices seem to change all the time, but here are 3 Core Twitter Strategies That Will Never Die.

Are you doing one of these 12 Bad Habits That Are Making You Less Productive?

And if you are, see How Hyper-Productive People Manage Their Time [To-Do List Hack] for some ideas.

A post from last year, but still worth a read – 16 Easy Ways to Lead Your Organization’s Culture Shift by Pam Grow.

If you are sick of hearing that certain tactics are “dead,” you’ll be happy to find out Why “Boring” Fundraising Is So Exciting.

Sick of your friends in the for-profit industry giving you impractical and unsolicited advice? You aren’t alone and we now have a word for it. Read Vu Le’s, Dear business people, please stop bizsplaining things to us nonprofit folks.

Nonprofit Training

March 30: The Beginner’s Guide to Online Advocacy with Kerri Karvetski (All-Access Pass Exclusive. Passes start at $99 a month)

April 7: For Nonprofits Only: 7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Email Open and Click Through Rates (FREE FOR EVERYONE)

May 2 – June 10: Our next 6-week Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator is on Getting Great Results by Integrating Your E-Newsletter and Social Media

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