Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators September 16, 2016

4178415E1A mixedHow was your week? Relax and have some Mixed Links with me…

Emily Peck tackles the recent Clinton controversy and workplace culture at large in Working While Sick Isn’t a Hillary Thing. It’s an American Thing.

Joe Garecht at the Fundraising Authority is hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival and is looking for submissions on The Best Tips for Amazing Non-Profit Newsletters.

If you do email marketing, you should check out The State of Email List Growth in 2016.

Jeff Brooks explains how conference bullies victimize fundraisers.

Here are The 4 Essential Questions Your Content Must Answer in Less than 15 Seconds.

If you have an event coming up soon, read How to Leverage Events for Future Fundraising Down the Road.

Rebecca Reyes shares 13 tips for powerful nonprofit video storytelling.

A nice read if you are a writer – NEVER SAY NEVER: Do You Always Have to Follow Writing “Rules” to Be a Successful Blogger?

Nonprofit Training

September 20: Marketing Bequests: The Delicate Art of Asking for That Final Gift

September 28: Nonprofit Q&A Panel: Regaining Control of Your Work Life

Enjoy your weekend!

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