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We apparently have six more weeks of winter left, so let’s gather around the proverbial fire and get warm by the light of the hottest articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of marketing and fundraising. It’s time for Mixed Links…

In honor of Groundhog Day, find out What Bill Murray Can Teach You about Email Marketing.

Here are the Top 40 Nonprofit Marketing Blogs and Websites For Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers according to Feedspot (and yes, we just happen to be #1).

Simon Kemp breaks down the new 2018 Global Digital Reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite.

Is there such a thing as Writing Being “Too Good” to Raise Funds?

Julia Claire Campbell shares 10 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Nonprofit Email List.

If you want to know how some of the big dogs do it, see 5 Brands Share Their Content Marketing Process.

Blackbaud has released their latest Nonprofit Online Marketing and Fundraising Benchmark Report.

And if you’re a fan of This Is Us and work at a nonprofit, you should read If It Can Happen to Crock-Pot, It Can Happen to You: Four Steps to Make Your Brand Crisis-Ready.

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March 1 and 2: Writing a Fabulous Case for Support, two-part series with Tom Ahern. Registration is $99 for Part 1 Only, $199 for Parts 1 and 2, or Free with an All-Access Pass.

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