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Marketing is Killing Fundraising. Seriously???

  Some fundraising bloggers/consultants have discovered a terrifying new boogeyman – the work of nonprofit marketing directors! Hurry, get the pitchforks and the lighter fluid. We got us some branding hocus pocus witches to burn! Oh, haven’t you heard the hysteria? Yep, nonprofit marketing and branding are apparently killing fundraising. Killing it, they say! “Marketing…

Use the Trends Report to Fight the Stupid

  We’ve been producing the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for five years for lots of different reasons. You ask us questions all the time, especially about things like communications frequency and whether you really have to “do” a certain communications channel. We wanted data for you, to supplement our own so-called “expert” opinions. I wanted…

2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

It’s here! We’ve officially released the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report and infographic. We’ll be sharing more details from the report on the blog in the coming weeks, but wanted you to get access to the goods right away. Share Link: http://npmg.us/2015 Full-Size Infographic on Flickr Infographic on Pinterest Infographic on Facebook [sc:2015trends]