Have a General Question about Nonprofit Marketing and Communications?

I’ll gladly answer your questions (or try to anyway), but I prefer to do so in a public way, so others can benefit from our conversation and join in with their thoughts too. Here are the best ways to ask your questions and get free advice.

  • See Your Q&A on the Blog – I’ll post your question and my reply on this blog and/or in my e-newsletter when you submit your question at Ask Kivi.com.
  • Post It on Facebook – Post your question on the Nonprofit Marketing Guide Facebook Page.
  • Ask on Twitter – Tweet me @kivilm.
  • Email Me Directly – Last resort for general questions, and probably the slowest, because I’m putting priority on answering questions in the places above first. Here’s the contact form.

Contacting Kivi Directly

For questions about webinars, public speaking, or coaching, please feel free to contact me anytime and I’ll get back to you promptly.


Kivi *AT* ecoscribe.com or use my contact form


336-499-5816 (U.S. Eastern Time, GMT -5)



Mailing Address:

319 Becks Church Road
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