Now is a fabulous time to implement the CALM not BUSY approach to your nonprofit communications work. There’s already a ton of disruption and people are learning new ways to work together. So why not implement new ways to be Collaborative, Agile, Logical, and Methodical in your work?

And the price for the Kindle edition just dropped to $9.99.

Here’s some of what I mean by CALM . . .

Collaborative. Empowering staff, but insisting on accountability. Talking about how comms decisions will be made. Leading internal conversations on comms planning.

Agile. Building trust in your work. Making better decisions faster. Creating agile content.

Logical. Limiting and integrating comms goals. Keeping up with shifting priorities. Experimenting.

Methodical. Using an editorial calendar. Creating a standard review and approval process. Simplifying comms routines.

Grab the book and get going! You’ll be so happy you did.

P.S. If you have an All-Access Pass, join us for the CALM not BUSY Pass Holder discussion tomorrow on Zoom. Details are in the Pass Holders Facebook Group.

Published On: April 2, 2020|Categories: Communications Team Management, Relationships, and Boundaries|