Nedra at Spare Change has posted this week’s edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants with the week’s best posts on social marketing. It includes several posts on creative ways to get your audience’s attention and to make your messages more lasting.

I’m hosting the Carnival here next week and the theme is “Newsletters.” What kind of articles do you actually read (not just skim) in all of the newsletters (email or print) that you get from nonprofits? Who’s got a great newsletter, or conversely, who’s making some big mistakes? Are newsletters as a tool for nonprofits still relevant? Or are the passé? How are new technologies helping or hurting nonprofits’ abilities to communicate regularly in a newsletter format? If you want to contribute on these or other newsletter questions, send your post to npc.carnival AT by Friday night. If you want to read the best posts of the week on newsletters, stop by on Monday, Feb. 12.

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