This week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants is back at its birthplace here at Nonprofit Communications. Our topic this week is Nonprofit Newsletters and we have lots of opinions to share about what works and what doesn’t. If you are responsible for your newsletter, read on. If someone else in the office does it, forward this to them.

Katya Andresen at Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog offers three ways to a better newsletter (or none at all). Katya says nonprofits spend a whole lot of time on newsletters, and guess what: no one cares. I write newsletters for nonprofits and guess what: I agree with her. Most of the newsletters I see are ineffective and don’t follow Katya’s suggestions. After you read Katya’s post, you can come back here for more on not writing for the general public.

Nancy Schwartz at Getting Attention shows you how to get to know your audience via your e-news welcome email. This is such a great idea that I’m going to work with a couple of clients this week to improve the way they do it. As a bonus, be sure to take a peek at some of Nancy’s articles on e-newsletters and other nonprofit marketing topics.

Marc Sirken at npMarketing Blog recently found great marketing in the oddest of places. Find out where Marc picked up a copy of a print newsletter and why he loved it.

Jeff Brooks at Donor Power Blog tells you why your newsletter matters and how to make it more donor-centric. (Jeff has a new hipster blog design that’s worth a gander too.)

Roger Craver and Tom Belford at The Agitator say “It’s the Headline, Stupid” and explain why you might need two headlines for the same article if you use it in print and online.

Heather Carpenter at Aspiration Tech tells us about three nonprofit newsletters she reads and why she likes them. I sensed a theme: they provide her with useful information that she can use, not a lot of information about the organization itself.

Matthew Monberg at Beyond Giving likes how the magazine Runner’s World is using technology to connect people and raise money. It’s an interesting case with some intriguing possibilities for others. How can you connect your publications like your print or email newsletters with other technologies people use (GPS in this case)?

The bonus host post this week is my tips on how to write personal profiles. You can find more of my newsletter tips at

Matthew at Beyond Giving is our host for next week. He is seeking posts on the theme of “Nonprofit Excellence.” Get them in to Matthew by Friday night if you want to contribute.

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