Welcome to our eleventh issue! Here are seven posts you won’t want to miss.

Beth Kanter at Beth’s Blog outlines some ways to use Web 2.0 tools to share notes from conferences and other events your group may sponsor or participate in.

Britt Bravo at Have Fun – Do Good shares Six Steps to Every Day Activism. We all get into the nonprofit sector because we want to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, the real world can sometimes get you down. Britt’s post shows you how to get your groove back.

Self-proclaimed conference junkie Heather Carpenter at Inspiration Tech offers a great list of nonprofit conferences that are perfect for nonprofit managers seeking professional development opportunities for themselves or their staff.

Andrew Taylor at The Artful Manager shares why the Beloit College Mindset List is worth a quick review for any nonprofit interested in reaching today’s 18-year-olds.

Chris Harris at Inventure Global offers an interesting way to cook up new ideas for your organization. Look at the difference between what you offer and the alternatives chosen by your donors, volunteers, clients, and others you interact with. What’s in between could be gold.

Jeff Brooks at Donor Power Blog explains an important calculation for nonprofit managers — one that can help you focus on your most valuable donors.

Dave Lorenzo at Career Intensity reminds us to live in the present. It helps you get more done, be happier, and turns out, it’s good for your career too.

We are taking Labor Day off, so the Carnival will be back in two weeks. Have a great holiday weekend!

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