If you found this blog within the last two months, you might assume that all I do is post the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants links, and that does sum up the content lately. At least the carnival is fabulous content! I have been absolutely swamped with client work recently, which is good for the bank account, but bad for blogging. Hang in there with me — lots of new posts are on the way on annual reports, writing for the web, newsletters, and more.

So, back to the Carnival posts. I’m thrilled to see a number of new voices contributing each week. Here are last week’s and this week’s Carnival posts.

This week, Nancy Schwartz at Getting Attention put together a wonderful collection of posts on “How to Pinpoint the Right Social Networking Tools for Your Nonprofit, and Get the Support and Budget to Put Them to Work.” Several interesting themes shine through, including the need to act and sound like the real human being you are when you are working online. Go figure! 🙂

Last week, Ken Goldstein at the Nonprofit Consultant Blog hosted the Carnival with some thought-provoking posts on the pros and cons of running nonprofits like businesses, along with thoughts on the difference one person can make and website accessibility issues.

Next Monday the Carnival returns to Donor Power Blog. Get in on the fun by submitting your posts for Jeff Brooks to peruse. Email your permalink to npc.carnival AT yahoo.com.

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