Welcome to the third edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants. This week’s theme is “Advice for New Executive Directors.” Whether you are “new” or not, you’ll find this week’s posts helpful if you are in any managerial position. On to the show . . .

Heather Carpenter at Aspiration tells you “How to improve your nonprofit operations in under two months” by focusing on accounting procedures, human resources, and more. Executive directors are responsible for much more than implementing a mission statement.

Jeff Brooks at Donor Power Blog explains to new executive directors that fundraising in and of itself is a good deed, just like mission implementation in “Your Other Good Deeds.”

Leila Johnson at Data-Scribe Blog shares “How New Executive Directors and Board Members Can Play Well Together.” It really is possible, especially if you heed Leila’s advice.

Ken Goldstein at Nonprofit Consultant Blog answers a perennial question from new executive directors: What are foundations looking for? He shares answers from four foundations in “Meet the Grantmakers.”

Andrew Taylor at The Artful Manager challenges you to answer this question: “What would success look like if you achieved it?” in “Defining Success.” Executive directors work really hard, so you should know what you are working toward.

David Lorenzo at Career Intensity Blog explains how you can make a name for yourself in “Public Relations and Your Personal Brand

Todd at Aridni says “Break Rules if You Have to, But Not Hearts.” Challenging the so-called “rules” is how many executive directors have made the biggest contributions in their fields.

And the Bonus Host Post . . .

This week on the Nonprofit Communications Blog, I share three common newsletter problems that originate with executive directors in “Executive Directors – What Your Staff Want to Tell You.”

Next week the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants is hitting the road! We’ll venture over to Donor Power Blog, where the topic will be fundraising. If you want to submit a post, you can reach Jeff at the same email address we always use: npc.carnival AT yahoo.com.

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