Heather Carpenter at Aspiration Tech has posted this week’s edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, which includes posts on fundraising, public speaking, accountability, burnout, sharing photos online, and the Nonprofit Technology Conference. Read all about it here.

Next week, the Carnival returns home to Nonprofit Communications. The theme for next week will be “Overlooked Opportunities to Shine.” Nonprofits and all of us who assist them get so busy that we often miss great opportunities to share important stories with donors and other supporters. What are some of the most commonly missed or overlooked opportunities to share success stories, good deeds, accomplishments, etc. that you’ve seen in the nonprofit sector? What should nonprofits be bragging about, but aren’t? What tools can nonprofits use to help them shine more brightly? Send your posts to me by Friday night, April 20 to npc.carnival AT yahoo.com.

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