Here is your ticket to this week’s ride through the blogosphere, with stops at some great posts for nonprofits.

Ah, the joys of nonprofit accounting. Ken Goldstein at the Nonprofit Consultant Blog shares some ideas on how to allocate overhead costs by dollars, time, or space.

Nancy Schwartz at Getting Attention explains how nonprofits can use holidays like Mother’s and Father’s Day as media hooks.

Along similar lines, Paul Jones at Cause-Related Marketing wonders what happened to the PTA when Target changed “National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week” to simply “National Teacher Appreciation Week.” Is it fair to the PTA or not?

Britt Bravo at Have Fun – Do Good has a round-up of ideas on how to avoid burnout in the nonprofit sector.

Jeff Brooks at Donor Power blog lets you in on what happens when your donors think you are indifferent and how to avoid that situation.

Could something small that you are doing be sabotaging your brand? Mark Rovner at Sea Change Strategies cautions you to consider it, after he starting thinking of Hyatt as the hotel with the $6 bottle of water.

Michele Martin at the Bamboo Project offers five ways to be more productive, including using wikis to organize your personal life.

Your bonus host post this week is also on productivity: 10 Ways Communicators Can Stay Productive.

Next week, the Carnival travels ’round the world to a new host, Priscilla Brice-Weller at Solidariti, based in Melbourne, Australia. She has graciously offered to host the Carnival on American holidays so you don’t lose a week of great tips just because your usual cadre of stateside hosts is off grilling weenies, veggie burgers, or what have you. Thanks, Priscilla!

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