We are now accepting registrations for Session #8 of the Mentoring Program for Nonprofit Communications Directors. I know many of you have been working towards participation in the program, so I want to point out a few changes we are making this time.

Communications Director Mentoring Program


You Pick:  Fundraising Emphasis or Community Engagement Emphasis?

Over the past seven sessions of this program, and seeing about 70 people go through it, we’ve found that people prefer to talk to others with similar goals. Whether the communications director has fundraising responsibilities or not is a big dividing line. So this time, we are accepting up to 10 people in each category — Fundraising Emphasis or Community Engagement Emphasis.

Select the Fundraising Emphasis if

  • You have the word “development” in your title.
  • Your most important target audiences are current donors and potential new donors.
  • Your supervisor is a Development Director.

Select the Community Engagement Emphasis if

  • Community engagement, brand awareness and/or thought leadership are more important to your success than fundraising.
  • Others on staff do the fundraising work, and while your work may support them, fundraising does not drive your workload.
  • Your organization raises little, if any, money from individual donors (e.g. you are primarily grant- or contract-funded or have a fee-for-service structure).

Both groups will run concurrently, blending the two on occasion (e.g. a joint Facebook Group), while the Quick Kits and Group Calls will be done mostly separately. We ask you to pick your preference when registering, but you can change later if you decide you’d rather be in the other group.

You can see some of the substantive differences in how the material will be handled in the “Month by Month” tabs on the Mentoring Program page.

Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

This program is a serious time commitment, if you do it right. To reward that, we will now offer a Nonprofit Marketing Director Certificate when you meet certain participation criteria based on doing assignments and participating in group and private coaching calls. You’ll be able to say that you are a Certified Nonprofit Marketing Director by Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com. There is no additional fee for the certificate, just activity tracking requirements.

No Application, But Deposit Required Upon Registration

 We are streamlining the registration process for both you and us. Instead of filling out an application and waiting to hear from me, we simply ask that you self-screen and agree to abide by the “Participation Requirements for All” if you choose to register, as well as the “Participation Requirements for the Certificate” if you are interested in that.

We are also requiring a non-refundable $500 deposit that will be applied to your full payment. We only want to register people who are committed to doing the full program.

You can learn more about the Mentoring Program and register here. 

If you are a nonprofit communications director, I’ll hope you’ll consider joining us for the next session.

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