You want me to do what, when?

At the end of the month author and psychotherapist Sarri Gilman is joining us for a two-part webinar series called Transform Your Boundaries and Get Better Results. It’s part of our CALM training for nonprofit communicators.

We’re trying to prevent burnout, prepare you for challenges, and address the workaholic, self-martyr culture that plague many nonprofits. It’s the “Love the Job” aspect of our “Learn the Job, Love the Job” goal.

Ahead of the series, we’d love to gather some data on how boundaries are respected at your organization.

Please take this quick survey – it should only take around 3 minutes.

We are looking at common work scenarios like how often:

  • You wish you had been consulted before decisions affecting your department are made.
  • Conflicts with other departments are handled professionally and promptly so they don’t become heated.
  • Meetings you attend are a waste of time.
  • Unexpected work comes your way, but you have the autonomy to prioritize and make decisions about workload and turnaround time.

Just click the “OK” button to get started.

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We’d also love for you to join us on May 23rd and 30th for the series. You will receive specific strategies and learn from real-life scenarios. You will get an expanded understanding of boundaries and some things you can do right now. You’ll even get homework to practice your boundary and self-care skills on your own. Learn more and register.

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