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Here’s what’s happening at Nonprofit Marketing Guide this month:

Online Training:

August 16: From the Swipe File: 25 Nonprofit Communications Examples That Will Inspire Your Own Work

See examples of awesome nonprofit communications and learn what makes them great.

Registration is FREE FOR EVERYONE

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August 23: The Communications Directors’ Guide to Repurposing Content

Learn how to master the art of reusing your content to help you save time and be more successful.

Registration is $20 or Free with an All-Access Pass

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August 23: Yes! You Can Become a Media Darling

Registration details coming soon

On the Blog:

Antionette Kerr joins us tomorrow to talk about Fakequity.

Peter Panepento will be back on the 23rd.

I try to publish our Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator series on Mondays, BUT I am completely out of submissions to publish so please share your day with us.

And, as always, join me Fridays in July for Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators. This weekly round-up features the good stuff I’ve found from around the web just for you.

Email Subscribers:

I will send the Nonprofit Writing Prompts email newsletter this week with prompts for September.

We send our Weekly Tips and Updates e-newsletter on Wednesdays.

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