About 100 people have taken the 2019 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey to date (we like to hear from 1,000 – take the survey here).

One of the new questions we asked is:

“Which format is your nonprofit most likely to use for its next annual report? Please pick the primary format, even if you will convert it to additional formats.”

Here’s how the answers shake out so far . . .

8-20 page print document and PDF – 35%

Infographic annual report – 21%

2-4 page print annual report – 17%

20+ page print document and PDF – 13%

Web page or blog post – online only – 9%

Postcard annual report – 2%

Microsite or special website section with interactive elements – 1%

Other – 1 %

Video – 0%

On December 4th and 6th, I’ll be teaching our two-part webinar series on Creating an Awesome 2018 Nonprofit Annual Report. I will be emphasizing all of the shorter formats above, with much less emphasis on anything over 4 pages, because I just don’t believe they are worth the time investment for most organizations.

We’ll share the final survey data in January and see if these percentages change much with more participants in the survey.

Published On: November 15, 2018|Categories: Fundraising, Nonprofit Annual Reports, Nonprofit Marketing Trends|

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