We asked a new set of questions about professional development for communications staff in the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Survey this year.  We wanted to know the kinds of training people were participating in.

No surprise, webinars were the most popular. But I was also happy to see that local, regional, and national conferences ranked well too.

How Communications Directors Get Trained

Which conference nonprofit communications staff should attend is a perennial question in the various Facebook Groups where comms staff gather.

My personal favorite national conference for nonprofit communications directors is the NTC . . . the Nonprofit Technology Conference by the NTEN.  It’s in New Orleans on April 11 -13, 2018. I’ll be moderating two sessions this year, one for newbie communications directors and another as an editorial calendar show-and-tell session.

Scholarships are available, but the deadline to apply is December 15, so don’t wait if you want to apply. NTEN also shares how to make the case that you need to attend this conference.

For the 5% of you that did not participate in any training at all last year, you definitely need to make a change in 2018! Attend a free webinar if nothing else as there is always something more to learn in this field!

Special thanks to the 1,149 people who completed the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey!

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