The #1 question we get asked about our All-Access Pass is:

“Can I share it with my staff?”

In the past we would encourage you to gather around the same computer to watch a webinar, forward your webinar connection details to a team member if you weren’t going to attend live or share your login so they could access online resources. But that was less than ideal even in the best of times.

Then the pandemic happened and there was no more gathering around the same computer to watch together.

Then we created a new learning management system that better tracked courses you had taken with customized learning plans. Now you couldn’t be sure if you had completed that online course or if it was your colleague who could log in as you.

And the final straw that made us realize we really needed a new way to let you share was the new community space we’ve just launched. The community we want to foster is full of real people helping each other. So we insist that you use your real name as a condition of participation so that you can build genuine relationships with colleagues. You may not participate as an organization AND you cannot share your login with anyone else. 

“So can you share the Pass or not?”

With a single Pass you can share certain things…

If you are working in the same office and feel comfortable enough, you can still gather around the computer to watch webinars together. You can also manually download other resources from your computer and share them with your team.

But, as mentioned above, you CANNOT share your login. Both the Learning Center and Community are dependent on your email address representing a single person.

“So how can my team members benefit from the Learning Center and the new Community?”

Enter the new “Add a Team Member” feature!

So that members of your team can access everything — live trainings, Learning Center courses and downloads, and the Community — without you having to share your login, we are introducing a new “Add a Team Member” option to the Pass.

For an additional $100/person, you can add a colleague to your Pass and they will get their own login. That’s more than 85% off the price of another Pass.

This means they can RSVP and receive their own connection for events, access the Learning Center resources, and join the new Community under their own name. They will essentially have their own Pass but without paying full price!

Please note this offer applies to team members working for the same organizational unit only. For example, if you work for a national organization that has state affiliates with their own executive directors, members of the national comms team could use the “Add a Team Member” offer, but the state affiliates could not. They would need to purchase their own Passes at the regular price.

“How do I add a team member?”

Current Pass Holders: Check your Pass Updates for information about adding a team member for the remainder of your current All-Access Pass or email Kristina.

New Pass Holders: Just sign up for an All-Access Pass and you will be asked when you complete your purchase if you want to add a team member. We are starting with just one team member, but in the future we will let you add more. (If you need to add a second team member now, email Kristina after your purchase and she can probably make it happen – it’s just not automated yet.)

Published On: November 16, 2021|Categories: Nonprofit Training|

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