If you missed it, Antionette Kerr’s blog post from last week talked about “crunchy” conversations – those discussions when someone says something offensive and your body immediately reacts negatively.

Whether it’s a straight-up racist uncle at Thanksgiving or a well-meaning, but clueless, co-worker, we’ve all felt the “crunch” at one time or another.

Or maybe we’ve been the clueless one and have accidentally caused that “crunch” in someone else unknowingly.

While you probably can’t control your uncle, as part of your organization’s communications staff, you do have a responsibility to acknowledge those “crunches” and do something about them.

But what should you do?

Experienced life strategist, Kim Pevia, is joining Antionette Kerr this Thursday to continue our Inclusive Conversations webinar series as we turn the conversation to within our organizations during:

Inclusive Conversations: How to Talk to Your Boss About Offensive Communications

Learn why it’s so important for you to lead inclusive conversations with your boss or co-workers.

60-minute Webinar with Antionette Kerr

Thursday, March 22, 2018

1:00 P.M. Eastern (10 A.M. Pacific)

Registration is $50 or free with an All-Access Pass

Can’t make it live? Registrants will have access to the recordings for two weeks, but you must sign up before we close registration at 12:45 P.M. ET the day of the event. We do not sell recordings after an event has started.

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What We’ll Talk About

It’s challenging to have inclusive conversations with co-workers, your boss, and even your board. So, we’ve created the second Inclusive Conversation webinar to help you take the next step.

Because you are at the helm of communications at your organization, you are in the perfect place to lead.

During this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why Inclusive Conversations affect the bottom line in nonprofits
  • Why communications professionals are in the perfect place to lead inclusive conversations
  • Talking to your boss, board, and co-workers about language that divides
  • What you can do keep yourself “woke”

Preparing for “crunchy” conversations will involve a combination of skill set & mindset. So this webinar will focus on what should be in your toolkit to have Inclusive Conversations with others.

As Antionette says, “We know that communications professionals aren’t going to be perfect in every area of cultural competency, but your commitment to understanding goes a long way.”

We hope you’ll join us and help lead this important discussion at your organization.

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