If you could design your own training program for 2014, what would it look like?

Here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we’ve been offering nonprofit communications, marketing, and training programs online and in-person since 2007. Each year, we change what we offer, both in form and content, to best match what we think our community wants and needs. And it’s that time again!

We are collecting feedback in October, will decide on changes on November, and share the 2014 program with you in December.

So tell us . . . which topics do you feel like you need training on? In what format would you prefer to get that training?

Let us know in this quick survey. (Don’t see it below? Click here.)

P.S. We will give away two free All-Access Passes to randomly selected survey participants.



Published On: October 1, 2013|Categories: Nonprofit Training, Professional Development, Webinars and Online Courses|

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