This month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we presented a series of webinars aimed at helping you get more creative with your nonprofit communications, including using metaphors and humor. I heard from many people who want to guest blog for me, so you’ll see more creative ideas here in the coming months.

For now, here is a roundup of some recent blog posts to get you thinking more creatively. This roundup is also the August edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival.

Creative Uses of Technology

You should also check out Pew’s latest report on the use of social media by older adults and keep an eye out for a report coming next Thursday (September 9) on Pew’s first-ever look at “apps culture” – who has apps on their cell phones, which ones, and how they use them.

Jennifer Saksa presents IVR at the Museum posted at NCH Software Blog, sharing a look at the creative way museums have started using Interactive Voice Response telephone software systems to help teach and spread information to people, with less staff or volunteer time required.

Creative Content Ideas

The Agitator suggests you listen to your donors for your best creative ideas in Who Made Your Best Ad?

Looking for some creative ways to connect your blog to the greater blogging world? Woman Tribune presents Blogging is Activism — 6 Blogging Events to Get Involved In.

Marc Pitman reminds us to stay curious if you want to be a good fundraiser.

When to Play it Straight

Maybe doing things the same old way works just fine . . .  or does it? See what Katya Andresen says in ‘Old” donors give more – so do we stick to the same ‘old’ fundraising?

Read a blog post lately that got your creative juices flowing? Share it in the comments.

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